Please spread the word: Reputation.com (aka Sky Publishers) is the absolute worst company in the world. Do not work for them and do not hire them for anything ever.

They do not care about their employees, ruin families, and rip off everyone they can. Heather Subba (aka Heidi Subba) is heartless person with no professional skills that only fires people and cuts their pay. Their products will also be severely reducing in quality due to their recently updated pay schedule of less than minimum wage. Every time anyone moves up in the company, they fire them, because they don't want to pay anyone a decent wage, and because they don't want anyone standing up for anyone else's rights.

I've known dozens of people that had their pay cut off for no good reason. They also take advantage of contractors/freelancers.

Location: San Diego, California

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I concur with the messages posted here concerning the company's editorial wing. It seems they have a reflexive defensive reaction telling you that your work is sub par when you disagree with them (in my case it was actually protesting that their editorial process was below standard, which I tried to do in a very diplomatic way, but which absolutely did not work).

People - both employees and those seeking their services - need to do their due diligence before getting involved.

I should have. The company was recently blacklisted by Google for their practices (reinstated late April), complaints are rampant on the web and upset employees seem to abound giving away company secrets because their positions were outsourced, etc. They apparently used to have another name, but changed it because of so many complaints and a lawsuit where they actually affected not only the complainant, but the victims as well. They seem to make their money on telemarketing sales focused on high end clients with deep pockets and something to hide who do not know how the internet works (what they do is known as link farming and content milling, mixed with gray to black hat SEO Google hacking).

The whole process seems to be a big wheel designed to maximize profit while they can with the online rep business while building a data mining vault of personal info. they plan to sell for future profit. Reading about this, and the fact that in all probability the company owns some of the trash site domains outright or is at least working together with them for profit over client's internet miseries is a little frightening.

Then there are the reputation company competitor flame wars on internet forums - which should say something about these businesses in and of itself.

People interested in addressing their online reputations should consider hiring a traditional public relations firm which will actually work in their best interests rather than attempting to game the system (which is what this company does, period). Given the most recent changes in Google's analytics, where quality - but more than that - REAL content is ever more emphasized, it makes much more sense not only monetarily, but as an approach that would actually work.


Those persons who lost their jobs should get together and start their own company. Perhaps call it "Honest Reputation Management" or something.

I have had 4 different companies here in the Philippines. The hardest thing to find here are people who can speak and write English at a high level. I had to teach all my staff SEO and it was not easy.

Some companies only gear their business towards marking a product and they do not deliver. What a shame because this business will grow 200% or more this year.


these so called reputation management companies that charge people before work is done are the new digital extortion nowadays.

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The good people are still out there, you just got to find them


Thank you. This squares with my experience.

In the summer of 2012 they were a great short-term opportunity if you had a thick skin. When I needed cash for medical bills and I was building my résumé to get out of the newspaper business, I answered one of their Craigslist ads for their oDesk job as a temporary editor. Both the best-paying and the rudest employer I've had. When the work ran out after two weeks, Miss Subba fired me in the most insulting way, claiming my work wasn't good enough and sliming me on oDesk.

I had been a professional proofreader for nearly 20 years. My other big oDesk job lasted four months and we parted friends. Why do they use the Sky Publishers front and aliases (Heather/Heidi)? Anyway, I'm not surprised they cut pay and are now outsourcing (they dropped the U.S.

citizenship requirement).

Looks like that ship's sailed. Stay away from them.


As a former writer at Reputation.com aka "Sky Publishers," I can attest that this is 100% true. They were a great company before they transitioned into this content mill model under Sky's management in 2012. Anyone who questioned these changes was deemed "unprofessional" and usually let go. At this point, they have slashed the wages so low that I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they begin outsourcing the work overseas if that's not already the case.

I often wonder if Michael Fertik is completely removed from the creative development process at his company or if he is in fact aware of the demoralizing manner in which his remote writing and editing team was treated under the Sky Publishing regime. It really is a shame.

I would encourage any writers, even if they are entry-level, to RUN in the opposite direction. This company no longer values quality (despite the high prices they still charge clients for content development services) and you are better off writing for free and building your portfolio than working under these conditions. I would encourage prospective clients to do the same and seek out professional freelance writers in their area to assist them.


It is the trickle down effect! You aspire to a good role model. Let's see; ReputationDefeders.com, Reputation.com and now Sky Publishers? Smoke and mirrors.

Makes me wonder why a company like this would go sideways when they could really so some good work.



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